(Re)union International Thematic Residencies aim to offer artists a period of intense work related to a theme defined by the coordinating artist(s).

drawings by Telma Lannoo

The residency in Marseille (5-17 October 2021) invites international artists to dive into a process of choreographic composition through the imaginary of the cabane (hut/cabin); an ephemeral construction, infinitely reconstructed, a space of freedom, independence, creation.

— How can a cabane be a refuge and, at the same time, a world? How can a body be both a world and a refuge? What spaces are necessary in the times we are living?

CORPOCABANA is a choreographic research residency that offers a time of immersion, both collective and individual and is coordinated by Eva Baudry (member of the collective La Déviation, dancer and choreographer) and Lara Lannoo (dancer and farmer) with the support and partnership of the multidisciplinary artistic work space La Déviation.

Deadline: 4th of July 2021
You can find more information in English, Portuguese and French in the application form.

MY BACKGROUND IS NOW is our first publication. You can order your copy upon a suggested donation in the following link.

You can also pass by Forum Dança or Estúdios Victor Córdon in Lisbon to take a look at the book.
Find out more about its content via short excerpts from the book launch that took place in September 2018, in scope of Biannual Performative Arts Meeting here >>