Biannual Performative Arts Meeting

(Re)union emerged from the desire to reunite former peers in order to understand what currently moves them and to promote their works. However, it is not only a gathering of alumni. It represents a strong desire to establish autonomous and sustainable structures in the performing arts within an interdisciplinary context.

– Past meetings –

(Re)union 2018: Where do we go from here?

The Second edition of the Biannual Performing Arts Meeting – (Re)union welcomed 58 artists from 13 different countries. Those artists presented their most recent performances, opened their artistic processes up to the public, shared their research practices through workshops, engaged citizens of Lisbon via urban interventions, among other artistic proposals and the complementary program.

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(Re)union 2016: Where are we now?

At this first annual meeting, the artists are invited to share their artistic experiences and current research interests intersecting their past and recent practices around the theme of “Where are we now?”. From October 6th to 9th, 50 artists from 13 countries presented 40 artistic projects in the form of workshops, debates, transdisciplinary proposals and performances, as part of (Re)union in Lisbon.

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