International Thematic Residencies

(Re)union extends its activities with International Thematic Residency Programs in home and/or resident countries of the network members. Thematic residencies intend to bring (Re)union members in an intense working period in order to trigger an exchange and continuous connection as well as new artistic collaborations within the network and local contacts via working on a theme or a question that is related to the local and global actualities in the artistic, societal and political spheres. Nevertheless, establishing a direct link with local communities is one of the priorities of those residencies.

Upcoming residencies

October 2021 – with local coordination of Eva Baudry and Lara Lannoo at La Déviation, Marseille, France
Residency dates: 5 to 17 October 2021
Deadline: 4th of July 2021

drawings by Telma Lannoo

The residency in Marseille invites international artists to dive into a process of choreographic composition through the imaginary of the cabane (hut/cabin); an ephemeral construction, infinitely reconstructed, a space of freedom, independence, creation.

— How can a cabane be a refuge and, at the same time, a world? How can a body be both a world and a refuge? What spaces are necessary in the times we are living?

CORPOCABANA is a choreographic research residency that offers a time of immersion, both collective and individual and is coordinated by Eva Baudry (member of the collective La Déviation, dancer and choreographer) and Lara Lannoo (dancer and farmer) with the support and partnership of the multidisciplinary artistic work space La Déviation.
You can find more information in English, Portuguese and French in the application form.

Project supported by
República Portuguesa – Direção Geral das Artes

Past residencies

May 2021 – with local coordination of Vitória Teles Grilo at O Rumo do Fumo, Lisbon, Portugal
Theme: NEW PRESENCES IN THE ARTISTIC FIELD: body – image and body – landscape
OPEN CALL is now closed.
Yael Karavan and Rita Vilhena’s project “Pela nossa pele” is selected for this residency.

Throughout the residency, the resident artists shared their artistic practices in different moments.
On May 9th, Yael Karavan e Rita Vilhena were in conversation with invited filmmaker Manuela Viegas on issues that fluctuate in the territories of exploration such as the emancipation of the female performer through the eyes of a filmmaker and ecofeminism in the relationship with the language of urban nature, among others.
To close this series of exchanges during the residency, on May 15th, Yael Karavan and Rita Vilhena received the interested public to share the artistic process of Pela Nossa Pele.

July 2019 – with local coordination of Sara Martins at Devir/CaPA, Faro, Portugal
Theme: Crossings between pedagogy and artistic creation in contemporary dance
Resident Artists: Helena Martos (ES), Sara Marasso + Stefano Risso (IT), Hui-Han Gustavsson (DK), Andreia Afonso (PT/BE)
Invited artists for the talk at Teatro das Figuras: Sofia Dias + Maria Ramos (Nucleus of Aulas e Práticas de Dança, Hoje project)
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November 2018 – with local coordination of Helena Martos/Polo Anterior at C3A, Córdoba, Spain
Theme: Los Solos
Resident Artists: Maria Varbanova (BG/PT), Luara Learth (BR), Layla Taifur (ES)
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July 2018 – with local coordination of Jonas Vanhullebusch/In de Ruimte, Ghent, Belgium
Theme: Rural Tendencies Tested
Resident artists: Zeynep Kaynar (TR), Inês Marques (PT), Luis Garcia (ES), Sophie Dubs and collaborators
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May 2018 – with local coordination of Müge Olacak/Atelier Muse at SALT Istanbul, Turkey
Theme: Transformation of urban landscapes in 21st century
Resident artists: Joahn Volmar (FR/ES), Maurícia Neves (PT), Sofia Marques Ferreira (PT)
Invited local artist: S. Cansu Ergin (TR)
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August 2017 – with local coordination of Sezen Tonguz at Forum Dança, Lisbon, Portugal
Theme: Sustainability – Artistic, financial and social aspects
Resident artists: Beatrice Cordier (DE), Lucia di Pietro (IT), Vitoria Teles Grilo (PT)
Guest artists for talks: Daria Kaufman (USA), Julia Salaroli (BR/IT), Silvia Tengner (PT), Sara Anjo (PT), Maurícia Neves (PT) and producers: Tânia Guerreiro (PT), Maria João Garcia (PT)